How to Withdraw from Quotex

How to Withdraw from Quotex
Efficiently withdrawing funds from your Quotex account is as crucial as depositing them. It marks the culmination of successful trades and allows you to realize your gains or manage your portfolio effectively. Understanding the withdrawal process ensures a seamless experience and enables you to access your funds promptly.

This comprehensive guide walks you through the steps required to withdraw funds from your Quotex account, empowering you to manage your finances with ease.

How many Payment Methods for Withdrawal on Quotex?

One of the features that attracts many traders to Quotex is the fast and easy withdrawal process. Quotex offers a variety of payment methods for withdrawal, depending on your country of residence and your preference.

Here are the main ones:

Bank cards

  • You can withdraw funds from Quotex using your Visa or Mastercard bank cards. This is a secure and convenient payment method that does not require any fees. However, it may take 1- 2 business days for the funds to reach your bank account, depending on your bank’s policies and procedures.
How to Withdraw from Quotex

Bank Transfer

  • Withdrawing funds on Quotex via bank transfer offers a secure and reliable process, free from fraud or scams. It is a simple and easy method without any fees or commissions from other payment services. Additionally, it provides flexibility and convenience, allowing you to withdraw any amount within Quotex’s set limits. However, It is not available in all countries or regions. You may not be able to use bank transfer if your country or region is not supported by Quotex or your bank.


  • E-wallets such as Skrill, Perfect Money, WebMoney, AdvCash, and more can also be used to withdraw funds from Quotex. These are fast and easy to use, usually processing withdrawals within 24 hours. However, they may charge fees for their services depending on the e-wallet provider and the amount being withdrawn.


  • Another option to withdraw your funds from Quotex is to use cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, USDT, Ethereum, Litecoin, Binance, and more. Cryptocurrencies are decentralized and anonymous payment methods that offer high security. However, they may also have high volatility and require some technical knowledge and skills to use them properly.

How to Withdraw from Quotex

How to Withdraw Money from Quotex

The way you deposited money into your account is also the way you can withdraw it. For instance, if you used the Visa payment system to deposit money, you’ll also use Visa to withdraw it. If you’re withdrawing a large amount, the Company may ask for verification at their discretion. That’s why it’s important to register your account in your own name so you can prove ownership at any time.

Outlined below are the steps for withdrawing funds on Quotex:

Step 1: Log in to your Quotex Account

To start withdrawing money from Quotex, log in to your account using the email and password you registered with. Make sure you’ve completed any required security steps, like two-factor authentication, to keep your account safe.

Step 2: Navigate to the Withdrawal Section

Once logged in, Click the "Withdrawal" button on the top right corner of the screen.
How to Withdraw from Quotex
Step 3: Pick a Withdrawal Method

Quotex has several withdrawal methods, like bank cards, bank transfers, electronic wallets (e-wallets), or cryptocurrencies. Choose the one that works best for you and is available in your area. 

Step 4: Enter Withdrawal Details

Enter how much you want to withdraw. Make sure it’s not more than your account balance and meets any minimum withdrawal limits.

Enter the necessary details. For bank transfers, give your bank info, including account number and branch details. For e-wallets or cryptocurrencies, enter the wallet address or account info.
How to Withdraw from Quotex
Check the withdrawal details carefully to avoid errors or delays. When you’re ready, click "Confirm" to start the withdrawal.

Step 5: Enter the confirmation code

You will receive a confirmation code through either email or a code generated by Google Authenticator. This is a safety feature of Quotex (2-factor authentication).
How to Withdraw from Quotex
Step 6: Wait for Processing

Once you submit a withdrawal request, Quotex will start processing it. The time it takes to process the request may vary based on the withdrawal method you choose, with some methods being quicker than others. You will receive a notification from Quotex when your withdrawal request has been processed and approved.

How to Withdraw from Quotex
Click "Transaction" to check all your Withdrawal requests, and you see the latest request below.
How to Withdraw from Quotex
Step 7: Receive the Withdrawn Funds

Upon successful processing, the withdrawn funds will be transferred to your designated account or wallet, depending on the chosen withdrawal method. Keep an eye on your bank account, e-wallet, or cryptocurrency wallet to ensure the funds have been received.

Quotex minimum and maximum Withdrawal

For most payment systems, the minimum amount that can be withdrawn is 10 USD. For cryptocurrencies, the minimum withdrawal amount is 50 USD, although this may be higher for certain currencies such as Bitcoin.

Quotex does not impose a maximum withdrawal limit. You can withdraw the entire balance of your account in a single request. Additionally, there are no restrictions on the number of withdrawal requests you can make per day or per month.

How long does Withdrawal take on Quotex

Typically, the withdrawal process takes between one to five days, starting from when the Client’s request is received. The duration primarily depends on the number of requests being processed concurrently. The company strives to process payments promptly, aiming to complete them on the same day the Client’s request is received.

Quotex Bonus Withdrawal

What is a Quotex bonus?

A Quotex bonus is a reward that Quotex gives to its users for different actions, including registration, deposits, trading, and contest participation. A Quotex bonus can be either a fixed amount or a percentage of your deposit or trade amount. For instance, you may receive a $10 bonus for signing up, a 35% bonus for depositing $300, or a 10% bonus for trading $50.
How to Withdraw from Quotex

How to withdraw a Quotex bonus?

A Quotex bonus cannot be withdrawn immediately as it is not considered free money. Before you can withdraw your bonus funds from Quotex, you are required to fulfill certain conditions. These conditions are referred to as turnover or trading volume. Turnover or trading volume represents the total value of trades that you must execute using your bonus funds before they become eligible for withdrawal.

For example, let’s say you receive a $10 bonus with a 100x turnover requirement. In order to withdraw the bonus funds, you would need to trade a total value of $1000 using those bonus funds.
How to Withdraw from Quotex

The turnover requirement may vary depending on the type and amount of bonus you receive. To find out the turnover requirement specific to your bonus, you can refer to your account dashboard or review the bonus terms and conditions. Additionally, your account dashboard will also provide you with the ability to track your progress towards meeting the turnover requirement.

Tips and best practices for Withdrawal on Quotex

To make your withdrawal process smooth and hassle-free, here are some tips and best practices you should follow:
How to Withdraw from Quotex

  • Before making a withdrawal request, you must verify your identity and address to ensure your security and comply with anti-money laundering regulations. To do this, upload copies of your ID card or passport and a proof of residence document (such as a utility bill or bank statement) in the “Verification” section of your Quotex account.
  • It is a common rule on most online trading platforms to use the same payment method for both deposits and withdrawals to prevent fraud and money laundering. If you wish to change your payment method, contact Quotex’s customer support team with a valid reason and proof of ownership of both payment methods.
  • Be sure to check the minimum and maximum withdrawal limits for each payment method, as they may vary depending on your country of residence and currency. These limits can be found in the “Withdrawal” section of your Quotex account or on Quotex’s website.
  • Some payment systems may charge fees for processing withdrawals, which could reduce the amount you receive. Check these fees in the “Withdrawal” section of your Quotex account or on Quotex’s website.
  • You can track the status and history of your withdrawal requests in the “Withdrawal” section of your Quotex account. If you have any questions or issues regarding your withdrawals, contact Quotex’s customer support team.

Conclusion: Withdrawing money from Quotex is a straightforward process

Withdrawals from Quotex are facilitated with precision and security, offering users a straightforward process to access their funds. With a commitment to user convenience, Quotex streamlines the withdrawal procedure, guiding users through simple steps to securely transfer their funds. By ensuring a reliable and efficient withdrawal system, Quotex empowers users to manage their earnings confidently, fostering a trusted and rewarding trading environment. Experience the ease and reliability of withdrawing funds from Quotex, enhancing your trading journey with seamless financial transactions.
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